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Date : July 12, 2024
plants as prints as watercolors as thoughts as sky as poetry
‘Verbal creation, he [Seamus Heaney] writes,
 is an archaeological dig, 
“a dig for finds that end up being plants.” ‘

From Elaine Scarry’s book, Dreaming by the Book 
and Heaney's  book Feeling Into Words: Selected Prose 1968-78

Caretaker Farm CSA flowers and summer ‘dahlia series’
plant inks and gouache on dahlia mono print


Category : Art, Color, Fellowships, Plants
Date : June 30, 2024
started a summer series with
Mary Gartside’s colour blots
as inspiration

dahlia prints from Naumkeag Artist residency
daffodil ink from Suzi Banks Baum 
pinecone ink from Hancock

studio work table #workinprogress 
summer 2024 dahlia series
[second image, Gartside Yellow and Orange blots found in ‘Mary Gartside c. 1755-1819: Abstract Visions of Colour’ written by Alexandra Loske and published by Thomas Heneage Art Books]

shaker design

Category : Art, Shakers
Date : June 26, 2024
cast iron stoves & cheese baskets
windows & borrowed light 
walking wheels & rocking chairs
dovetail joints formed by Brother Ricardo Belden
pink purple checked & iridescent silk kerchiefs
dual staircases for sisters & brethren
oval boxes in chrome yellow, red lead & blue
machine shop, azure sky

Shaker Design Stamps USPS
photographs by Michael Freeman

of Fruitlands Museum Harvard MA
of Pleasant Hill Shaker Village Harrodsburg KY
of South Union Shaker Village Auburn KY
of Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon, New Lebanon NY
of Canterbury Shaker Village Canterbury NH
of Hancock Shaker Village Pittsfield MA

2024 marks the 250th anniversary of the Shakers arrival 
in the port of New York

learn more about the stamps on the USPS website
visit Sabbathday Lake Shaker Museum 

endangered species

Date : June 17, 2024
endangered species

recently, a friend reminded me of 
a temporary art work I made for 
“Clean Out Your Files Week”

gently used file folders
print shop off-cuts.
items destined for the dumpster

each folder acquired a new label,
a long strand of paper with either —
a bird, crustacea, fish, insect, spider,
mammal, mussel, snail, plant, reptile
.or amphibian—printed on it

endangered species names from 
The National Geographic Society
Book, ‘The Company We Keep’
by Douglas H. Chadwick &Joel Sartore, 1995

Commissioned by The Department of 
Environmental Services and Arlington
Cultural Affairs, Arlington County, VA.
The 1998 installation was in the lobby
of the Bozman Government Center.

And, when finished, all materials were 
either reused or recycled. 

Thanks to Angela Adams for inviting me
to be part of Clean Out Your Files Week.

[photos by Jason Horowitz]


Date : June 11, 2024
“Painting is a form of poetry
Colors are words
Their reflections rhythms.
The completed painting,
a completed poem.”

Sonia Delaunay
[from Kunst Please podcast

Substitute ‘painting’ for?
natural dyeing

Images from ‘Sonia Delaunay’ catalogue from Tate exhibition 2015
Postcard from ‘Sonia Delaunay: Living Art’ Bard Graduate Center 2024

Date : May 31, 2024
is just blue, or azure sky blue?
red or scarlet poppy red?
pink or carnation pink?

In her 1898 book,
“The Use of Color in the Verse of
English Romantic Poets,” Alice Edwards Pratt 
delves deep into the poets 
“descriptive, discriminative, dramatic, aesthetic”
words of color
such as—
“autumnal leaf like-red”
“rose-ensanquined ivory”
and charts each poet’s color
by terms for--
“mountains and hills”
“sky, cloud and air”
“deep waters”

Happily I found Pratt whilst reading
Nicholas Gaskill’s essay, ‘Language and Psychology’
in the ‘A Cultural History of Color: 
In the Age of Industry’
edited by Alexandra Loske.



Category : Art, Color, Shakers, Textiles
Date : May 21, 2024
old spools
new threads
from a spooler

spool:  a rod or cylinder, usually having a hole running from end to end, and a rim at either end, upon which thread, wire, etc. is wound

spooler: one who or that which winds thread or yarn on spools

from 1983 Webster’s New 20th C Dictionary

dandelions & dickinson

Date : May 5, 2024
in celebration of
poetry month


The Dandelion’s pallid tube
Astonishes the Grass,
And Winter instantly becomes
An infinite Alas—

The tube uplifts a signal Bud
And then a shouting Flower,—
The Proclamation of the Suns
That sepulture is o’er.


Dickinson wrote this poem as a letter to her friend Mrs. Edward Tuckerman and included an additional line, “Vinne told me.”

Celebrating  Harvard University Press new edition The Letters of Emily Dickinson edited by Cristianne Miller and Domhnall Miller.

Dickinson’s letter to Tuckerman is in the collection of the American Antiquarian Society (Worcester, MA)


Category : Art, Books, Poetry
Date : May 4, 2024
seeing writing editing 
typing cutting sewing
prototyping a chapbook

as a maker, it always helps
to bind a book
hold it in one's hand
consider next steps.

Thanks to Holly Wren Spaulding & Poetry Forge
for the recently completed course, 
A Body of Work, where we took snippets
and ponderings and made them into poetry.

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