“A Bird to overhear-‘

Category : Art, Nature, Poetry
Date : February 17, 2024
2 years ago today, Copy Press launched
‘A Bird to overhear-‘ for their Becoming Fireflies series!

“Are we listening? Are you listening?
When did I start listening?
When’d di you first hear them? Do you recall which one?
Was it the dawn chorus? Or the wail, cry, caw at last light?
When did it dawn on you?  Are you listening?

Can you name them? How many can you name? 

According to the New York Times only 1 in 8 can
Name more than 20 species. Can you name their songs?Can you hear them? Can you see their flight patterns?

The landscape architect Gertrude Jekyll, once blind,
could name them by the sound of their wings in flight.”

-text excerpt from 'Listening" chapter |  watch ‘A Bird to overhear-‘

I am forever grateful to Copy Press for their faith in my work. Thanks a million, Vit Hopley, Yve Lomax, Jono Lomax and Opel Morgen for this collaboration and all you did to make it happen.

'A Bird to overhear-'  photography, filming/Brece Honeycutt; script, narrator/Brece Honeycutt; script editor/Vit Hopley; producer/Yve Lomax; video-editing, post production/Jono Lomax; graphics/Opal Morgen; thumbnail image/Brece Honeycutt

Mary Gartside

Category : Art, Books, collage, Color
Date : February 1, 2024

Find more information on Alexandra Loske and her colour research, here. Mary Gartside (c.1755-1819) Abstract Visions of Colour published by Thomas Heneage Art Books


Category : Art, Books, collage, Color, Poetry
Date : January 28, 2024
morning collage/watercolor
responding to the objects on my table
Geoff Young chap book
paste paper folder
tangled threads
or the grey outside

            palest grey to white
            violet grey
            pink cosmos grey
            violets dropped in milk grey
            a drop of cobalt blue grey
            orangesicle ice cream grey
            sunpoked through yellow grey
            old yellowed newspaper grey
            grey green sky portends rain

winter fields

Category : Art, Plants, Poetry, Textiles
Date : January 20, 2024

snow on fields

stitched onto cloth

and written into this poem

unfurled a field, a sea of snow grasping onto goldenrod
filling cups aplenty, double dotting punctuation
seeing scarlet swatches of bitten bittersweet berries 
grapevines curlicue up trees, squirrel nest spaces
unfurling, falling, flouncing onto the forest floor
oak, aspen, maple leaves carried into spaces
intervals interlaced into fullness
unentangle someone else’s scrawled 
no-sense sentences unto snow’s solaced silence
stitched work from the winter field series exhibited at 2017 Norte Maar in a solo show, bewildered

winterfield stalks and stems, silk/cotton thread on damask, 16 x 15 1/2”

winterfield dots and dashes, silk/cotton thread on damask, 16 x 15 1/2”


Category : Art, Nature, Textiles
Date : January 1, 2024

seek glitter amidst it all

sending new year wishes 

[oranged orb, 2022, safflower on silk/cotton thread & textile, 11 x 11″]


Category : Art, Books
Date : December 13, 2023
“The human eye can perceive over a million different varieties of color, but the human brain has better things to do than name them all.”

“Newton segmented the spectrum into just seven named colors:
the classic ROY G BIV divisions.”  

“While this might have seemed arbitrary, much later research by anthropologists concluded that most cultures at least have names for

black, white, red, green, yellow and blue: 

six basic color terms typically in that order, as if there were an innate hierarchy.”
[ from Neil Parkinson, “The History of Color:  A Universe of Chromatic Phenomena”]

Happy Birthday, Emily Dickinson

Category : Plants, Poetry
Date : December 11, 2023

December 10, 1830 – May 15, 1886

The Dandelion's pallid Tube
Astonishes the Grass
And Winter instantly becomes
An infinite Alas--
The Tube uplifts a signal Bud
And then a shouting Flower
The Proclamation of the Suns
That sepulture is o'er

Emily Dickinson
8 November 1881

Emily Dickinson's Poems: As She Preserved Them, edited by Cristanne Miller

and a bit more reading about the dandelion—-

artist fellowship at Winterthur

Date : December 6, 2023
90,000 artifacts (textiles, ceramics, furniture, ironwork….)
20,000 American & European imprints
3,000 record groups of manuscripts, trade cards, photographs, ephemera
7,500 plant specimens
1,000 acres
+Specialists, Conservators, 
+Librarians, Archivists,
+Curators, Gardeners,
+Scientists, Fellows

“Research is a material”
and earlier this year,
as a Maker-Creator Fellow,
I explored Winterthur's Shaker collection
(and others) and loved every second
of researching, working with archivists, 
conservators, curators,
fellows and librarians;
and walking on their incredible grounds.

Artists & Makers
consider applying for 
Winterthur’s Maker-Creator Fellowship!
Happy to answer any questions.
Applications due 1/15/2024
Application info right HERE

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