Moonbow #6

Date : May 30, 2023

save the date Saturday July 29, 7pm

meetinghouse: a melding of spoken word by Brece Honeycutt and Shaker songs sung by Miriam Cantor-Stone


Causality: An exhibition curated by Jason Andrew at M. David & Co.

Date : April 2, 2023

Closing event Sunday May 14, 3pm 2.B.!–a poetic end for “Causality’ featuring:  Bob Holman, Elaine Equi, Jerome Sala. 

Read Jonathan Stevenson’s review, “Bushwick: Cause and Effect at M.David & Co.” on Two Coats of Paint, HERE.

M. David & Co, 56 Bogart Street, Suite 114, Brooklyn NY (Directly across from the Morgan stop on the L train).

April 14 – May 14, 2023. Gallery hours Friday – Sunday 1pm-6pm.


“Causality” curated by Jason Andrew at M. David & Co, Brooklyn
Installation view: L to R — Elizabeth Murray, Ellen Letcher, and Brece Honeycutt. Photo @jonverney.


Causality. When disparate elements are combined or random materials are stacked, when unlikely shapes are forged or incongruent designs are assembled, whether situationally mounted or unconventionally installed, this mishmashing, this mixed-amalgamation incites a new visual equilibrium. Our contemporary world is made up of this dynamism—an unceasing revel of cause and effect. Artists who define this make up this exhibition.

Artists: Paula Barr, Sarah Bednarek, Ali Della Bitta, Daniel John Gadd, Brece Honeycutt, Ellen Letcher, Trevor King, Elizabeth Murray, Judy Pfaff, Wade Schaming, Christopher Vazquez, Greg Wall

Artsy On-Line Viewing Room

About the curator: Jason Andrew is an independent scholar, curator, producer and founding partner at Artist Estate Studio, LLC. Guarding against special interests in any particular style or genre, his curatorial projects bridge gaps left in art history and reflect the creative imagination through paintings, poetry, and performance.

MASS MoMA at TurnPark Art Space

Date : March 24, 2023

MASS MoMA:  Artists of the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley curated by LABspace (artist/curators Ellen Letcher and Julie Torres) and coordinated by Michelle Kaplan and Jared Gelormino of TurnPark Art Space

TurnPark Art Space, 2 Moscow Road, West Stockbridge, MA    

Exhibition on view until April 30th, 2023.  Gallery open Saturday/Sunday 1-5pm

Brece Honeycutt, color considerations, 2023, natural dyes on silk, wool and cotton, 28 1/2 x 25″


This exhibition showcases 40 artists:  Yura Adams, Reed Anderson, Susannah Auferoth, Richard Brittel, Donnabelle Casis, Brantner Deatley, Shoshana Deatley, Carol Diehl, Katharine Dufault, Grigori Fateyev, Jacob Fossum, Jared Gelormino, Sean Greene, GUZMAN, Brece Honeycutt, Wayne Hopkins, Jane Hudson, Susan Jennings, Philip Knoll, Seth Koen, Ellie Kreischer, Zohar Lazar, Sharon Ligorner, Sue Muskat, Cassi Namoda, Barbara Neulinger, Sara Farrell Okamura, Hideyo Okamura, Mark Olshansky, Kristen Palazzo, Ron Ronan, Alexander Ross, Karin Schaefer, Kathy Schneider, Katia Santibanez, Julie Shapiro, James Siena, Shira Toren, Cathy Wysocki, Geoffrey Young.


Colour & Poetry: A Symposium V

Date : March 11, 2023

Thrilled to be giving a talk for The Slade School of Fine Art’s Colour & Poetry:  A Symposium V, March 21-22, 2023.  

My talk, “Prismatic Utopia” is Tuesday March 21 at 12:30pm EST  | 16:30 GMT.

View the online exhibition accompanying the Symposium, here.

The Symposium is free, but requires booking.  For more information, visit the Symposium page



Feedback Friday with Botanical Colors

Date : March 7, 2023

Feedback Friday (Alumane) Brece Honeycutt + Anita Cazzola – Botanical Colors. The two will engage in a conversation about waste: wasted color, waste as invasive, waste as wasted time to not stop and smell the flowers, color under our feet people see as waste (the dandelion?!), color in sad places people see as waste…

Watch the recording of our Friday March 10th conversation HERE.



HOLIDAY show at LABspace

Date : December 15, 2022

The annual HOLIDAY show at LABspace opens December 17th with over 300 artists exhibiting small affordable work.

orb #17, 2022, watercolor, pencil, plant inks on monoprint, 10″ x 6 3/4″


Opening Weekend Celebration:  Saturday + Sunday December 17 + 18th, 1-5pm

On view Saturdays + Sundays 1-5pm until February 19th, 2023

Closed December 24 + 25

LABspace, 2642 Route 23, Hillsdale, NY 12529.

For more information LABspace blogspot or LABspace instagram.

The Linda Doman Collection: Selected works

Date : October 31, 2022

Linda Doman was an incredible supporter of artists and arts organizations in the Washington, DC area.  Her art collection has been donated to the Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington and is now on view until January 29,2023. I am honored to have three works on view, including brim #5: well bucket.

brim #5: well bucket, charcoal, graphite, tea, watercolor, pastel on paper, 30 x 22″ 2003. The Linda Doman Art Collection



Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington, 3550 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA | 703.248.6800. Open Wednesday – Sunday, 12-5pm

Artists in the Archive | The Worcester Review

Date : December 13, 2022

painters, poets, printmakers, play writes, filmmakers, composers, sculptors, fiction writers, non-fiction, too–story tellers of all types research at the American Antiquarian Society and The Worcester Review Vol. XLIII, Numbers 1 & 2 celebrates twenty-five years of Creative Fellowships.

“Research is a material and the method of combining ‘book learning’ with ‘field notes,’ well-thumbed pages with current date, brings forth a way of viewing the world and underlies my working process.”—excerpt from Honeycutt essay in The Worcester Review, Volume XLlII, Numbers 1 & 2, pages 132-133

[images:  L/Honeycutt research close-up with magnifying glass, reading dome reflection and plate XIV from Jones & R/plate XXVI from Howard Jones, Illustrations of the nests and eggs of birds 

interview on Fox and Bunny

Date : November 17, 2022

“On being a secret poet, heaven on earth and the fine art of showing up.”

“There’s a bit of poetry and mystery to Brece Honeycutt’s work, an unraveling that needs to happen to grasp the deeper meanings of her intensely researched nature and history-based drawings, natural dye work, installations, guided walks, and video essays. As we move into the quieter months of winter, this contemplation of what it means to show up and experience heaven on earth feels just right.”

Read the interview on the Fox and Bunny site.  

Thanks so much Mary Jo Matsumoto of Fox and Bunny.  It was a pleasure to talk with you.  

Roll & Fold: Books of Story and Structure

Date : November 6, 2022

Books! Recently, it occurred to me that I want to make every art project into book, so I am thrilled to be among fellow bookbinders and bookmakers in the exhibition Roll & Fold: Books of Story and Structure organized by Raven Laise and Sandra Haynes.

On view at the Leverett Craft and Art Center until November 27,2022 and open Saturday/Sunday 1-5pm.

Opening Reception Sunday November 6 from 4-6pm & Closing reception the afternoon of November 27, 2022.

naturalist’s record book: sampler 2018, monoprints, natural dyes & inks, silk/cotton thread, antique textiles, wasp nests, assorted papers, 14 x 17″ [image by Douglas Baz]


Leverett Craft & Art Center, 13 Montague Road, Leverett, MA  413-548-9070


Nature Walk – 11am October 1st at Art Omi

Date : September 5, 2022

Please join us on Saturday October 1 at 11am for an autumnal walk exploring fall fields and flowers, fallen leaves and florets of goldenrods, along with found time to forage for thoughts and observations.

In the spirit of poet Mary Oliver, participants will take a notecard, tuck a pencil in their pockets and walk amongst the flora, birds, and trees on an artist guided walk around the grounds of Art Omi. We will explore what makes October, October. Our walk will be articulated with poems and readings chosen by Honeycutt to accentuate the natural occurrences happening on the ground and in the air.

Please register for the Walk, at Art Omi.

Travelling Distances – A screening of A Bird to Overhear-

Date : September 6, 2022

We invite you to Travelling Distances a screening of A Bird to overhear

with contributions from Brece Honeycutt, Julian Lass, Edith Marie Pasquier, Jess Potter

on Tuesday 20 September, 169 Bermondsey Street, London, 6:30-8:30pm

Spaces limited, so book via






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