artist fellowship at Winterthur

Date : December 6, 2023
90,000 artifacts (textiles, ceramics, furniture, ironwork….)
20,000 American & European imprints
3,000 record groups of manuscripts, trade cards, photographs, ephemera
7,500 plant specimens
1,000 acres
+Specialists, Conservators, 
+Librarians, Archivists,
+Curators, Gardeners,
+Scientists, Fellows

“Research is a material”
and earlier this year,
as a Maker-Creator Fellow,
I explored Winterthur's Shaker collection
(and others) and loved every second
of researching, working with archivists, 
conservators, curators,
fellows and librarians;
and walking on their incredible grounds.

Artists & Makers
consider applying for 
Winterthur’s Maker-Creator Fellowship!
Happy to answer any questions.
Applications due 1/15/2024
Application info right HERE

community encircled

Category : Art, Shakers
Date : December 3, 2023

community encircled

past & present

near & far

‘Hands to work. Hearts to God.’

Shaker mops made from so-called ‘waste’

fabric pieces include chair and rug tape & old cloth

sleeping mats & ottomans made from ‘plarn’ aka recycled plastic shopping bags

Thanks to Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon for the panel discussion about reuse and the necessity to make with one’s hands and use what we already have in hand.

Panel moderated by Shaker Museum’s Sarah Van Buren with Jerry Grant (Shaker Museum ) Elise McMahon (likeminded objects), Sabine Steen (Triform Camphill) and Fahari Wambura (Fahari Bazaar)

As Jerry Grant noted, if you can end the day knowing that you made something, there is a satisfaction for both body and mind. 

Find more information about The Alchemy of Re.Use on view until December 17 2023, HERE

studio slanted light

Category : Art, Shakers, Textiles
Date : December 3, 2023
studio slanted light

studio slanted light
Shaker color research
Mary Gartside’s colour blots
circular stitching.

Mary Gartside (c. 1755-1819) published 3 books on color theory. Her 1808 An Essay on a New Theory of Colours is illustrated with these amazing ‘colour blots’ —abstracted views of ‘white, yellow, orange, green, blue, scarlet, violet and crimson.” Abstract before JMW Turner, before Kandinsky, before…………

Thanks to Alexandra Loske  for her research on Gartside. [quotes and info from Alexandra Loske, ‘Color: A Visual History from Newton to Modern Color Matching Guides’]

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