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Date : March 30, 2013

Gathering greens and lettuces in the hoop house; we have a plethora of greens.

In the fall, M built us a beautiful homemade hoop house with inspiration from Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Farm. We longed for fresh greens in the dead cold of winter and thought, if they can grow greens in an unheated hoop house during frigid Maine winters, so can we. And we have done just that. There were are few weeks during the coldest nights when the lettuce seemed to slow down and one had to wait to pick it til after the night’s freeze. It has been a delight to go into the hoop house with its defused light and peacefully gather greens.

With the longer days, the greens have taken off.  We have so enjoyed salads and sautés, but we needed to try something else. What did we have on hand in the larder? Goat cheese, cottage cheese, frozen garlic scapes and basil, eggs from the flock, and frozen FILO dough. Spanakopita!!

new greens in hoop house

new greens in hoop house

M’s Macedonian grandmother made her transparent filo dough by hand. Imagine the skill required to do this. I wish that I could have watched Babo roll out her filo—truly a vanishing skill.

We washed down our version of Spanikopita with an Oak IPA from Big Elm Brewery—our local. Failed to mention that M’s grandmother was a single mother and supported her family by making bathtub gin during Prohibition. Prior to this, her husband started a coffee shop in Cincinnati—a modern day Joe—having arrived in the United States of America with a dream, the American dream.

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