Category : Nature
Date : March 31, 2013

The New England Cottontail is becoming extinct, losing 86% of its young forest habitat in the last fifty years due to man’s development and succession forest. Ironic, on this Easter Sunday, to ponder the fact that Peter Rabbit might not be a threat to one’s garden anymore.

What would Beatrix Potter think about this? Not only did she write and illustrate captivating  books, but she also saved over 4,000 acres of land in England’s Lake District. Her sketchbooks and letters were recently on view at The Morgan Library—a feast for the eyes. Her letters to young Noel are filled with charming illustrations and one can see Peter Rabbit hopping across the page.


From the Coast to Coast Ramble in the Lake District

We need more people like Potter to save valuable land and leave it to the animals that roam.

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