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Date : April 11, 2013

At the moment, we have peepers inside & out.  The swamps are coming alive with the spring peeper. At night as you drive home with your windows rolled down, the noise is down right boisterous. When one hears the peepers, it is a sure sign that we have passed into the next season. However, we have a forecast for more winter weather on the way.

I continue to ponder about the inhabitants of this home—of what signs did they take notice? Did they mark the chorus of peepers as the coming of spring?

Two days ago, a small box arrived at the post office and M came home with 8 chicks. They are very active and when racing around their circular pen, they make peeping sounds—peeppeeppeep.  And then they sleep.

We heard that our kitchen was formerly a chicken coop, in the late 1800s. In the area above the kitchen, the floor used to yield corn kernels, for that area was the barn loft. A few years ago, we found corn cobs in the walls!


Two day old chicks

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