interview on Fox and Bunny

Date : November 17, 2022

“On being a secret poet, heaven on earth and the fine art of showing up.”

“There’s a bit of poetry and mystery to Brece Honeycutt’s work, an unraveling that needs to happen to grasp the deeper meanings of her intensely researched nature and history-based drawings, natural dye work, installations, guided walks, and video essays. As we move into the quieter months of winter, this contemplation of what it means to show up and experience heaven on earth feels just right.”

Read the interview on the Fox and Bunny site.  

Thanks so much Mary Jo Matsumoto of Fox and Bunny.  It was a pleasure to talk with you.  

Roll & Fold: Books of Story and Structure

Date : November 6, 2022

Books! Recently, it occurred to me that I want to make every art project into book, so I am thrilled to be among fellow bookbinders and bookmakers in the exhibition Roll & Fold: Books of Story and Structure organized by Raven Laise and Sandra Haynes.

On view at the Leverett Craft and Art Center until November 27,2022 and open Saturday/Sunday 1-5pm.

Opening Reception Sunday November 6 from 4-6pm & Closing reception the afternoon of November 27, 2022.

naturalist’s record book: sampler 2018, monoprints, natural dyes & inks, silk/cotton thread, antique textiles, wasp nests, assorted papers, 14 x 17″ [image by Douglas Baz]


Leverett Craft & Art Center, 13 Montague Road, Leverett, MA  413-548-9070


Nature Walk – 11am October 1st at Art Omi

Date : September 5, 2022

Please join us on Saturday October 1 at 11am for an autumnal walk exploring fall fields and flowers, fallen leaves and florets of goldenrods, along with found time to forage for thoughts and observations.

In the spirit of poet Mary Oliver, participants will take a notecard, tuck a pencil in their pockets and walk amongst the flora, birds, and trees on an artist guided walk around the grounds of Art Omi. We will explore what makes October, October. Our walk will be articulated with poems and readings chosen by Honeycutt to accentuate the natural occurrences happening on the ground and in the air.

Please register for the Walk, at Art Omi.

Travelling Distances – A screening of A Bird to Overhear-

Date : September 6, 2022

We invite you to Travelling Distances a screening of A Bird to overhear

with contributions from Brece Honeycutt, Julian Lass, Edith Marie Pasquier, Jess Potter

on Tuesday 20 September, 169 Bermondsey Street, London, 6:30-8:30pm

Spaces limited, so book via

Edith Graves Art Advisor

Date : July 24, 2022

Thrilled to be working with Edith Graves and her new art consulting project, Edith Graves / Art Advisor

For more information, have a perusal around her stunning website, edith


‘A Bird to overhear’ selected for the IHS Filmfestival

Date : June 20, 2022

We are delighted to announce that A Bird to overhearhas been selected for the International Herb Symposium Film Festival and are honored to be amongst films that demonstrate respect for our world, highlight the perils persisted upon the land and species, and provide positive ways forward in concert and community. Copy Press/Brece Honeycutt

Available on line until 25 Sept, 2022 (

‘ A Bird to overhear,’ is part of Copy Press UK’s Becoming Fireflies series.

a talk at the American Antiquarian Society & a walk at Art Omi

Date : May 21, 2022

Artist in the Archive Talk Wednesday June 15 at 4pm at the American Antiquarian Society

I will discuss my research with the American Antiquarian Society collection as a 2019 Artist Fellow that led to my project “A Bird to Overhear-‘ with Copy Press UK.

[A video recording of the talk may be viewed on the AAS YouTube channel.]

Seasonal Landscape Walk Saturday June 4th at 11am at Art Omi, Omi NY

We will explore what makes June, June. Our walk will be articulated with poems and readings to accentuate the natural happenings on the ground and in the air.

Please register for the walk at Art Omi

Among Friends 3 opens on May 6

Date : May 1, 2022

Thrilled to be in the amazing show, Among Friends 3 curated by Alexandra Rutsch Brock, Beth Dary & Patricia Fabricant with over 300 artists zipped together!

Hop on over to @among_friends_show to see all 300 works!



orb #3, 2022, acorn & pinecone ink, pencil, gouache & graphite

‘A Bird to overhear’ reviewed by journalist Lee Lawrence

Date : February 15, 2022

We–me & Copy Press UK–are honored that Lee Lawrence reviewed ‘A Bird to overhear’ on her blog, Art Alert.

“In this 25-minute video — — artist Brece Honeycutt draws us into her journey of wonder at the world around us — and of woe for the lack of regard with which we treat it. “A Bird to Overhear” is an essay filled with Honeycutt’s own keen-eyed observations interspersed with lessons gleaned from scientists, poets, painters and, above all else, nature. We hear birds at the start of the video then, against a backdrop of silence, Honeycutt’s voice asks: “Are we listening? Are you listening? When did I start listening?”

To read Lawrence’s complete review on Art Alert, please click here.


‘A Bird to overhear’ – new collaboration with Copy Press UK

Date : February 7, 2022

Thrilled to announce the launch of my work with Copy Press UK for their ‘Becoming Fireflies series.’  

Our collaborative work may be viewed here:  A Bird to overhear–


Audio-visual images:  history, landscape, birds. Bird song marks not only the change of season, but indicates ecological shifts in landscape and climate, as noted in the crucial observations gleaned by naturalists Rachel Carson (1907-1964) and Florence Merriam Bailey (1863-1948).  Daily note taking brings an awareness to the world right outside one’s doorstep, gathering the nearby into community.  Knowing and naming are firsts steps, in making aware.

photography, filming/Brece Honeycutt; script, narrator/Brece Honeycutt;  script editor/Vit Hopley; producer/Yve Lomax; video-editing, post production/Jono Lomax; graphics/Opal Morgen.

running time 25 minutes  |1080p HD | Colour | Digital 2.35:1  |  Copy Press/Becoming Fireflies 2022


Date : December 9, 2021

HOLIDAY – Annual big show of small, affordable work — over 250 artists

On view until February 20 & open, Saturday + Sunday 1-5pm

LABspace, 2642 NY Route 23, Hillsdale NY 12529


mending practice #134, gouache, fabric & thread on punjab rag paper, 7″ x 5″


More on the mending practice series, found here.


HOLIDAY participating artists:

Yura Adams, Adina Andrus, Fern T Apfel, Susannah Auferoth, Ever Baldwin, Amanda Barr, Les Baum, Marc Bernier, Lee Betty, Jimbo Blachly, Annie Blazejack + Geddes Levenson, Pamela Blum, Irja Bodén, Martha Bone, Amanda Nolan Booker, Katherine Bradford, Laurén Brady, Judith Braun, Jenn Brehm, Farrell Brickhouse, Richard Britell, Joanne Brockley, Undine Brod, Sharon Broit, Berly Brown, Chris Buchakjian, Sharon Butler, Laura Cannamela, Kathy Cantwell, Melissa Capasso, Karlos Cárcamo, Susan Carr, Beth Caspar, Janice Caswell, Nurya Chana, Julie Chase, Willow Cheek, Sam Clayton, Ian Clyde, Melissa Cohen, John Colon, Jim Condron, Joyce Conlon, Janet Cooper, Jon Cowan, Karen Gonwa Culbreth, Brantner DeAtley, Pauline Decarmo, Colleen Deery, Penny Dell, Tasha Depp, Dan Devine, Astrid Dick, Carol Diehl, Abby DuBow, Peter Dudek, Katharine Dufault, Katherine Dykman, Jane Ehrlich, Georgia Elrod, Susan English, Julie Evans, Patricia Fabricant, Stuart Farmery, Jean Feinberg, Jeanette Fintz, Tristan Fitch, Mary Flinn, Audrey Francis, Matt Frieburghaus, Betsy Friedman, Iona Fromboluti, Marianne Gagnier, Ashley Garrett, Jared Gelormino, Sally Gil, Mimi Graminski, Gail Gregg, Joan Grubin, Guzman, Ken Habarta, Jenny Hankwitz, Marilu Datoli Hartnett, Erica Hauser, Kylie Heidenheimer, Allison Hester, Meg Hitchcock, Carter Hodgkin, Brece Honeycutt, Wayne Hopkins, Linda B Horn, Gloria Houng, Jane Hudson, Christine Hughes, Beth Humphrey, Will Hutnick, Marta Jaremko, Susan Jennings, Erick Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Sue Johnson, Ellen Jouret-Epstein, Yasemin Kackar-Demirel, Martine Kaczynski, Shelley Kaplan, Laura Kaufman, Leslie Kerby, Benjamin King, Bernard Klevickas, Henry Klimowicz, Peggy Klineman, Philip Knoll, Sarah McDougald Kohn, Ellie Kreischer (formerly Spangler), Niki Kriese, Carole Kunstadt, Emily Noelle Lambert, Zohar Lazar, Cary Leibowitz, Elisa Lendvay, Jeffrey Lependorf, LI, Peter Long, Joel Longenecker, Patrice Lorenz, Sarah Lutz, Tia Maggio, Stephen Maine, Sascha Mallon, JJ Manford, Cynthia Mason, Suzi Matthews, David McDonough, Carol McMahon, Claudia McNulty, Catherine McTague, Eva Melas, James Menshenfriend, Elin Menzies, James Meyer, Susan Meyer, David T Miller, Lucy Mink, Donna Moylan, Chieko Murasugi, Ann B Murphy, Sue Muskat, Stephen Niccolls, Marsha Norman, Carolyn Oberst, Jill Odegaard, Sara Farrell Okamura, Lilja Olafsdottir, Mark Olshansky, Jerry Orter, Kathy Osborn, Alison Owen, Barbara Owen, Brent Owens, Ruby Palmer, Samantha Palmeri, Caitlin Parker, Gail Peachin, Gelah Penn, Julie Pereira, Susan Petry, Vincent Pidone, Bradley Pitts, David Pollack, Elisa Pritzker, Susan Rabinowitz, Jon Reichert, Kelsey Renko, Eve van Rens, John van Rens, Allie Rex, Ron Ronan, Mandolyn Wilson Rosen, Laura Lee Ross, Adie Russell, Stefan Saffer, Margaret Saliske, Liz Sample, Renee Samuels, Karin Schaefer, Julia Schwartz, Susan Still Scott, Jo Ann Secor, Denise Sfraga, Julie Shapiro, Jackie Shatz, Carleen Sheehan, Claire Sherwood, Polly Shindler, Greg Slick, Marisa Slick, Barbara Slitkin, Kim Sloane, Andrew Small, Kara Smith, L Ryan Smith, Jessica Soininen-Eddis, Elisa Soliven, D Jack Solomon, Joseph Stabilito, Jeff Starr, Kurt Steger, Deborra Stewart-Pettengill, Linda Stillman, Lawre Stone, Carol Struve, Amy Talluto, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Jeremy Taylor, Joy Taylor, Christina Tenaglia, Bill Thelen, Paul Theriault, Austin Thomas, Olafur Thordarson, Arlene Santana Thornton, Claudia Tienan, Leonard Titzer, Michael Tong, Shira Toren, Katharine Umsted, Kathleen Vance, Becca Van K, Christina Renfer Vogel, Guy Walker, Pamela J Wallace, Susan Walsh, Jeff Way, Christopher Werner, Michael Wetzel, Brian Wiggins, Eleanor White, Ian White Williams, Ellen Wineberg, Ann Wolf, Brian Wood, Priscilla Woolworth, Rachael Wren, Cathy Wysocki, Geoffrey Young, Brenda​ Zlamany, Deborah Zlotsky







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