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Date : May 4, 2013

Thinking of the luncheon served at Mrs. Ramey’s home, I was reminded of the prescient cookbook by Edna Lewis, The Taste of Country Cooking. She organized her 1997 cookbook by seasonal menus, emphasizing the crops at hand.

She recommends for “A Late Spring Lunch”—

Ring Mold of Chicken with Rich Wild-Mushroom Sauce

Slices of Baked Virginia Ham

Crispy Biscuits


Garden Strawberry Preserves

Salad of Grand Rapids Lettuce Leaves and Romaine

With a Vinegar, Sugar, Salt and Pepper Dressing

Carmel Pie


She also suggests that one gather the dandelion blossoms before noon when making Dandelion Wine.

Edna Lewis, The Taste of Country Cooking, (Alfred A. Knopf, 1997), p 28-35

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